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Pinkham Grand Length 6' 1'' £27,895.00
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Pinkham Grand Pianos

The Pinkham Grand PianoThe Pinkham Grand Piano has a Renner Action, Kluge keys, Renner Hammers and Dampers, German Roslau Strings and may have a Ciresa Soundboard. These component parts will be found in Europe's most famous and finest pianos such as Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Bluthner, Fazioli and many other fine quality pianos.

The performance  is comparable with such pianos and is the reason why the Pinkham Grand Piano is chosen by amateurs for the home, by professional pianists, music colleges, and the concert platform. The unbeatable value is only possible by our unique knowledge of piano playing, piano making and eliminating the wholesaler and shopkeeper with all their high overheads.

Our knowledge of concert playing and piano making enables us to individually make the Pinkham Piano to suit our customer’s needs. As an example the pianos may have a mellow sound; a bright sound; a heavy or light touch and may be made to feel and respond in many different ways.

The Pinkham Grand Piano may also have a Magnetically Balance Action and Smaller Keys to help pianists who struggle playing the piano with small hands.

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